Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Clean Fun

This afternoon, we turned Noah's water table into a sensory table (& then back to a water table) with some good old fashioned shaving cream! I had him start with just shaving cream and then added water to one side. It worked out really nicely since the water table needed a good cleaning anyhow. :)

While we were out there, I cut some colorful sponges into strips with the intent of making splash "balls". Noah took interest in them so I added them to the water and shaving cream & he had a lot of fun exploring their fun textures and easy to grip size.

Before we called it quits, I decided to squirt a little shaving cream on the sliding glass windows. They needed washing anyhow....

- J

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Today was our first day in the toddler class at RPEP! It's a once-a-week "parent & me" class that Noah & I will be going to this year. I am really excited about the playful learning environment & we are looking forward to making some new friends (big & small) at school!

School starts with some outdoor play time. Noah was all about the kitchen.

He did take a break to climb the stairs though. :)

Back to the kitchen...It's a little dark, but it was too cute to see a bunch of little boys in their red RPEP shirts, playing in the kitchen!

After herding the group inside for circle time, the kids were set free for a little over an hour of free-choice play time. This part of the day is totally child-led & as parents, we are just expected to follow and engage with our children. I wasn't sure if Noah would be one to stay in one place or want to explore and do EVERYTHING. He chose the latter. See if you can keep up....

First we started with the dotters. He really wanted to figure out how the paint came out, so he spent some time pushing on the tips & watching the ink dribble down his arm. Fun stuff you know!

After the dotters, he painted a masterpiece, tasted the paintbrush, and mixed up lots of colors (again). I'm sure you can understand why there is no picture of that period of time, as I too, was covered in paint. :)

Next up, the dramatic play room. A little time with a baby doll, cooking in the kitchen, and then we were off! To....

...the bridge! Up, down, up, down....

Then we had to check out the reading nook. Just right!

Next up, we took a quick feel with the playdough. But that didn't last long because...

...there was shaving cream! Whoa....what IS this stuff?

Next up, shaving cream + spray bottles + squeegee = fun! Oh & we are barefoot because we took a minute to test out Miss Myra's bucket of beans. He wasn't too sure about all of those beans between his toes, but mom thinks it would be really relaxing! Maybe next time...

Off to another sensory table - dry split peas I believe. Feels cool!

Then we discovered the snack room. After pouring some of our own water and ALMOST making it into our mouth, we chowed down on some "nonnies" & rice cakes. Yum!

After finding our shoes and helping with clean up (Noah helped with a little broom), we got to go back outside.

Aha! A shopping cart! (& a Target one at that...mommy approves!)

The bubble table was a hot spot!

Phew! Are you tired? So was Noah. Mommy had time to type this because he's still sleeping....2 hours and counting!

We REALLY love school! :-)