Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adventures From The Money Pit

Ok. So last week, we noticed a leak under the sink (small thankfully) and realized our garbage disposal had a little hole busted in the side and we knew it would need replacing. My very handy father is 400 miles south so we figure, we're in trouble. But Joel's parents said they had a handy man who was pretty cheap and did a great job for them. So we call up Tim the Handyman and he comes out to fix it. All we had to do was get a replacement at Home Depot. Sweet! $25 an hour - we are stoked! I had him also put up three sets of blinds that Joel (who admittedly suffers from a lack of handiness) had had a hard time trying to put up, and he also swapped out a light fixture for us on the patio. $63 out the door and we are thinking it's the best money we have ever spent.

After being gone for the weekend, we are cleaning up from dinner and I look under the sink to grab the counter cleaner. I see a drip of water. We have another leak. We email Tim the Handyman and he says he will come back the next day. Fabulous. We figure this will be free as it is probably his fault. He comes, and identifies the problem as the unit itself and that we need ANOTHER replacement. Awesome. He takes it apart and puts it back in the box. Well, partially - Joel has to take the sink part off himself for some reason, Tim deems this as not important to return in the whole REPLACEMENT concept. Whatever. He leaves after what I'm thinking was no more than an hour, hour and a half maybe.

So Joel goes to Home Depot, returns it, and deciding to be safe, gets the new one at Lowes. That night, I go to empty the dishwasher that I know I had started the day before. Except, there is water at the bottom and it hasn't completely cleaned the dishes. Ew. So I hit restart on the wash cycle and suddenly, there is a tsunami flowing out from under the sink. FRIGGIN AWESOME. I stop it and look only to see that the dishwasher hose is detached, obviously do to the fact that we have no garbage disposal for the night and it must connect to that. We mop up the floor and leave a fan on it for the night, but the damage is done. The floor boards of my pretty, indestructible laminate, are warped....... #@%*!

Tim comes the next morning and spends about 10 minutes chatting with me about the differences between here and the UK. (I'm thinking, that's fabulous buddy, now get to work - I pay you by the hour.) He installs the SECOND new disposal, and I say I want to start the dishwasher while he is still here so I can be sure all is well. He starts it, it makes noise, and I assume it is working fine. It's been maybe 30 minutes since Tim arrived and he's ready to go. I ask, "What do we owe you?" He says 90 bucks. I start calculating.....25, plus MAYBE another 25...hmmmm now I am not a math major but I don't know how he is getting $90. So I question it and he starts doing math under his breath (which I now think is either incorrect or a bunch of bologna) and I start to stall more waiting for him to explain to me just how he gets to ninety and suddenly...he says $60...sixty is fine. Still, this is more than I think I really owe him, but I say fine and I hand him the cash. He leaves. See ya later Timmy.....

Today, I go to empty the dishwasher and there is still dirty water at the bottom and the dishes aren't clean. WTF??? So I try to start it and it doesn't work. It makes noise, but I realize it's not really running, it's just trying to. So I call my dad. Dad starts asking questions and I'm up under the sink explaining what I see. After a couple of minutes, Dad concludes that Tim the Handyman did not punch out a plug in the disposal where you connect it to the dishwasher. Apparently there is a plug built into the connection tube because you don't HAVE to use it with a dishwasher. In order to do so, you must punch out and retrieve the plug with a screwdriver. So the guy I paid to d the job, didn't freaking READ THE DAMN DIRECTIONS. So I'm beyond irritated that I have now paid $120 and I'm left to get it fixed AGAIN. So Dad tells me I can do it myself and I decide that yes, indeed I can.

So here I am...proving that I am in fact my father's daughter. Forget Tim the Handyman. I want my money back!

Practicing what I preach in my classroom every day.... reading and following directions carefully:

Holding the little plug that the handyman didn't remove but I easily did by FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS.....

Joel helped with some of the heavy lifting. He says he's proud of his handy-wife.