New Friends

We have loved introducing Noah to the many special people in our lives! Here are some pictures of Noah getting to know many of you!

Baby cousin Cody, December 2010
Cody 9

Uncle Scott, September 2010
Scott and Noah 1

Godmother/"Auntie" Mary Pearl & Gabrielle, September 2010
Gabs and Bug 7

Grandma Pam, Grandpa Mark, & Noah, September 2010
Noah with Grandpa Mark and Grandma Pam

Godfather/"Uncle" Mike, September 2010
Noah and Mike 2

Katie & Gianna Spinelli, September 2010
Jenn, Katie, Noah, Gianna

Mama's cousin's daughter Brooke, September 2010
Sis and Noah 1

Mama's cousin's son JT, September 2010
JT and Noah 1

"Auntie" Corie, September 2010
Corie and Bug

Grandpa Neil, Nana, & Noah, July 2010
Nana's Rocking Chair

Miss Lucy, Liz & Pete's daughter (Liz and her brother grew up with Daddy), July 2010

Joel, Noah, and Jon Jurich, July 2010
Joel, Jon, Noah

Daddy's youngest cousin, Sara, July 2010
Noah talking to Sara

Great Grandma Virginia (Jenn's Gramme), June 2010
Noah and Great Grandma

Great Grandpa Ray (Joel's Grandpa), May 2010
Noah with Great Grandpa Ray

Great Aunt Marie Walton, May 2010
Noah with Marie

Great Uncle Bill Walton, May 2010
Noah with Bill

Daddy's cousin, Tim Walton, May 2010
Noah with Tim

Daddy's cousin, Christine Walton, May 2010
Noah with Christine

Daddy's cousin, Katie Walton, May 2010
Noah with Katie

"Uncle" Jeff & "Auntie" Brandi Marcaletti, April 2010
Noah with Jeff and Brandi

Aunt Kelly & Noah, April 2010

Uncle Joe & Noah, April 2010

Cousins Owen, Allison, & Riley, April 2010

Grandpa Mark, April 2010

Grandpa Ken & Grandma Emilie, March 29, 2010

Nana Claudette, March 29, 2010