Monday, January 10, 2011

Apple Hill & Fog Willow

I have always loved the fall season, especially here in Northern California. The autumn colors are beautiful and there are so many great activities to do! This year, we made a trip to Apple Hill in September. It was a little early and pretty warm, but still fun and an overall great experience with Noah. In October, we went to Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins for Halloween. The weather was cool and there were plenty of pumpkins to look at. Noah had fun riding in the pumpkin wagon and we got some great pictures!

Apple Hill

Noah loved the train at El Dorado Farms. He even pulled himself to a standing position for the first time when we got on!

Apple Hill 3

Apple Hill 5

Apple Hill 1

Apple Hill 6

Apple Hill 8

Apple Hill 9

Apple Hill 16

Apple Hill 18

Apple Hill 20

Apple Hill 23

Apple Hill 24

Apple Hill 12

Fog Willow

Noah in the pumpkins 8

Noah in the pumpkins 12

Noah in the pumpkins 4

Noah in the pumpkins 11

Noah in the pumpkins 10

Noah in the pumpkins 15

Noah in the pumpkins 6

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Noah's First Trip to Disneyland

November 12th, 2010

Technically, this wasn't Noah's "first" time at Disneyland, but the first time was in utero. You may remember this picture from December 2009:

Baby's first Disneyland Visit when we took him in November, he was at least SEEING it all for the first time. :-) It was a big day for our little family! I'm sure I don't need to explain why to most of you, but Joel and I are big Disneyland fanatics. (Fanatics is probably a too mild of a term actually.) Anyhow, we had a great first visit with Noah and got to meet up with some friends that are equally fanatical about the Happiest Place on Earth. Alyssa and I taught together when we lived in LA and soon discovered our shared obsession. We even went to the park on the actual 50th Anniversary of Disneyland, despite insane crowds and mid July heat, we had a great day being part of Disneyland history. Joel was off climbing Mt. Whitney that weekend with Mike & Scooter, but we did get to go to the big "5.5.05" 50th Anniversary Celebration earlier that year. See? FANATICS!

Anyhow, here is our little boy, carrying on the family tradition:

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 6

First ride, Pirates of the Caribbean! Noah slept through Mommy & Daddy's favorite ride, as you can see:

Noah's First Disneyland Ride

Noah and Daddy (Special thanks to Aunt Kelly and family for Noah's Mickey shirt! They actually were AT Disneyland the day Noah was born, and picked out that shirt for him to match the ones they all got, too.)

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 5

Noah and Mama, on King Arthur's Carousel - he loved it!

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 1

Our little Mouseketeer :-)

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 4

Noah and Daddy in front of It's a Small World Holiday

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 14

Alyssa, David, & Emma - our partners in crime

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 16

Jenn & Alyssa with the next generation of Disneyland fanatics :-) (More like 3rd Gen. since we inherited our obsessions from our own moms!)

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 18

It's a Small World After All...

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 20

Our first family picture at Disneyland:

Noah's First Disneyland Trip 21