Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yum Yum!

On Monday, we had Noah's 6 month check up (more on that in the next post) and got the green light from his pediatrician to start trying solid foods. I found a whole-grain rice cereal by Earth's Best that I wanted to try - since Joel and I eat mostly whole grain rice, pasta, and breads, we figured Noah should, too! Here are some pictures from "dinner":

Bug's First Food

We put Noah in the Sassy Seat that has been passed down through all of the kids in Joel's family - this exact one is 35 years old and Noah is the 16th kid to sit in it! Apparently, I had a Sassy Seat that looked just like it. Pretty funny.
Bug's First Food 1

Noah was really excited about the spoon. He seemed a little surprised about there being something IN the spoon, but slurped up quite a few spoonfuls!
Bug's First Food 5

Mama showing Noah how to open up:
Bug's First Food 6

"Hey, this eating thing is fun!"
Bug's First Food 2

And just to remind us that his reach is ever-growing....Noah managed to dump half of the cereal from the bowl! So, we turned it into a tactile learning moment! :)
Bug's First Food 3