(Yikes, needs to be updated! We are a talking machine these days....)

3/8/2011: Said "Doggie" looking directly at Jack!
2/26/2011: Walking
2/18/2011: Takes first steps
1/8/2011: Working on pincer grasp with Cheerios - yum!
1/5/2011: Walking/running with new walker push toy!
1/2/2011: New favorite response to everything? Clapping his hands!
12/28/2010: New Food - Peas
12/25/2010: First Christmas! First presents!
12/16/2010: New Food - Pumpkin (only likes it if mixed with pears)
12/10/2010: New Food - Pears
12/3/2010: Cruising along the furniture - already?
12/1/2010: Crawling
11/25/2010: Army crawling @ First Thanksgiving
11/13/2010: First trip to Disneyland
10/31/2010: First Halloween...and first stomach virus! Boo!
10/25/2010: Getting creative - has the knee action down for crawling, but hasn't put the arms together yet.
10/24/2010: Starting to babble a lot!
10/23/2010: First cold :-( Lots of sniffles!
10/10/2010: Almost pushing up on hands & knees.....uh oh!
10/10/2010: New food - Avocado!
10/4/2010: First Solid Foods - Rice Cereal
10/3/2010: More teeth - cutting both lower lateral incisors and upper left lateral incisor
10/2/2010: Rolled Over - back to tummy
9/30/2010: Kicked the swaddle habit! First night in the sleep sack
9/29/2010: Another tooth! Upper right lateral incisor
9/25/2010: First trip to LA
9/17/2010: First Cal Football game :-)
9/11/2010: Rolled Over - tummy to back
8/25/2010: Graduated to the Britax ("big boy") car seat
8/23/2010: First night sleeping in his crib (well for starters at least!)
8/15/2010: Second tooth! Lower right central incisor
8/13/2010: First night in the new house
8/9/2010: First tooth! Lower left central incisor
8/4/2010: No longer sleeping through the night....(Bummer!)
7/21/2010: First airplane ride & first trip out of state (Seattle, WA)
6/29/2010: First trip to Tahoe
5/20/2010: Sleeping through the night...
5/2/2010: Laughed out loud (on video!)
4/30/2010: Smiled for the first time :-)