Monday, January 10, 2011

Apple Hill & Fog Willow

I have always loved the fall season, especially here in Northern California. The autumn colors are beautiful and there are so many great activities to do! This year, we made a trip to Apple Hill in September. It was a little early and pretty warm, but still fun and an overall great experience with Noah. In October, we went to Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins for Halloween. The weather was cool and there were plenty of pumpkins to look at. Noah had fun riding in the pumpkin wagon and we got some great pictures!

Apple Hill

Noah loved the train at El Dorado Farms. He even pulled himself to a standing position for the first time when we got on!

Apple Hill 3

Apple Hill 5

Apple Hill 1

Apple Hill 6

Apple Hill 8

Apple Hill 9

Apple Hill 16

Apple Hill 18

Apple Hill 20

Apple Hill 23

Apple Hill 24

Apple Hill 12

Fog Willow

Noah in the pumpkins 8

Noah in the pumpkins 12

Noah in the pumpkins 4

Noah in the pumpkins 11

Noah in the pumpkins 10

Noah in the pumpkins 15

Noah in the pumpkins 6

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