Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nuk Nuk Nuk Nuk....

I mentioned in my last post that Noah loves having his nuk (pacifier) during car rides. We also use it for naps and sometimes bed time. He has always been a baby that is soothed by sucking. No wonder I felt like I had a barnacle attached to me for a few months! Anyhow, we finally found a pacifier brand that worked for us - MAMs. (We love them and have been told they are great for a breastfed baby because they mimic the same sucking motions.)

Lately, we've started noticing a new development. Noah has been successfully putting the nuk BACK in his mouth! My friend Heather was pretty sure he had done it at lunch last week, and we've noticed a couple of incidents since where the nuk is definitely out, and then it's somehow, back in shortly thereafter. We have watched him play with it and try to put it back in his mouth, but we've never actually seen him do it. Regardless, it sure would make some car rides a little more peaceful if this becomes a habit!

Speaking of nuks....I just noticed on the video monitor that it just fell out and Noah is none to pleased. We threw off his nap routine over the weekend and we are in recovery mode this week. Since we still swaddle Noah for sleep, he's obviously not going to be getting that nuk back in himself.....guess I'm making a trip upstairs. More later!

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