Friday, March 18, 2011

His Very Own Corner of the Universe

Woohoo! Little N's room is finally "complete". After we moved, we never got around to hanging all of the decorative pieces as I had envisioned. It's a rainy day today, N is at Grandma Emilie & Grandpa Ken's, & Joel has the day off. Today had "project day" written ALL over it!

Here is the view from the door. Still sorting out window covering options. The trio of skinny windows is killing me! :) I do love the book racks that I found at Home Goods. They look just like the Pottery Barn Kids one that I wanted. Noah LOVES books and I love that we can display them in the shelves!

I love the letters & the decals that match his bedding. They worked out perfectly!

Notice the coordinating changing pad on the beautiful changing table/dresser. Please note that that has not been used in MONTHS. We gave up once he started pulling himself up to sitting during diaper changes & trying to scale the blinds like a ladder. The floor/bed/ottoman are safer and easier for everyone. :)

In case you are wondering, yes, the mattress is totally slanted. After the month-of-congestion (aka January/February), we just left it like that for the time being. At least we aren't running the humidifier 24/7 like we did for a few weeks!

I'm so excited that it's "done". Huge relief! I hate having loose ends everywhere, but if I have learned anything in the past year, that's just life when you're a parent!

- J


  1. Love it!! Can't wait to see it in person, Nana is coming!!

  2. It's so cute!! I love his room!