Monday, April 11, 2011

A Trip to the Library

This morning we had Music Together class, and the 25 minute drive to get there (or back) usually results in at least one "car nap". This time he held on until after class. Instead of going straight home, I decided to stop at the library once he was awake. We have an awesome local library with an incredible outdoor play area that is perfect for toddlers. A new "big kid" area is currently under construction, too. It is one of our current go-to places.

The outdoor play area is really fun for Noah these days, but today was the first time I've taken him inside since he reached "walker" status. They have a beautiful children's area with a blue sky & white cloud painted wall, a big shady tree, a train table, play kitchen, magnetic & felt easel, and a great bead-roller-coaster thingy (what are those things called anyhow??). Here are some pics of Noah exploring the library:

Noah goes "shopping". He's really into pushing things. Twice he followed one of the librarians around to "help" her push the book cart.

Checking out the tree area...still shopping:

Noah repeatedly came back to this toy horse. I'm certain he thought it was a dog. He approached it like he does with our dogs at home, gently trying to pet it, all while practically shrieking "Daaaa--EEEE!", as if telling it, "You're a dog! Act like one!" If there had been a ball, he probably would have thrown it for him. :)

Cooking & washing in the kitchen:

Playing with the train table:

Actually trying to put the train car on the bridge:

- J

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  1. Wow, so cool, we will have to head over there on my next trip down!
    His Daaaa EEE story reminds me of a certain little girl throwing lemons over a gate and saying Baaa Baaa Baaa (you are a ball! Bounce!) LOL