Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Haiti

For those of you that check this blog regularly, I wanted to share a link to charity:water's website. Our good friend Becky Straw is the Water Projects Director for charity:water and has personally traveled to Haiti to oversee the clean water projects there (see the website for a special message by Becky herself). With the recent earthquake in Haiti, charity:water's work there will only become more crucial. 100% of the donations received by charity:water go directly into projects to make fresh drinking water accessible for the millions around the world that must do without. The work they do is so incredible!

As many of you may remember, my class last year spearheaded a Water for Schools fundraiser at our elementary school to benefit charity:water. That experience made me an even bigger supporter for the cause. We know that times are tough for everyone in this economy, but we hope that if you can, you will consider charity:water if you are hoping to find a way to help the people of Haiti.

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