Saturday, February 13, 2010

34 Weeks - We have a Nursery!

We officially have a nursery! We've been working on the room for a while, but all of the pieces are finally coming together now. Joel has been a busy daddy-to-be, assembling the crib, stroller, bouncy seat, and (with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Emilie's help - thanks!) moving the two dressers upstairs. Combined with the nesting instinct kicking in on my end, we've made some serious progress!

Here is the 34 week picture and some other nursery snapshots. We ended up changing our plans for the bedding in the room and we are so glad that we did! The new bedding is still gender neutral but is a lot easier to coordinate with. When we saw it, we both thought it was pretty cool and we loved the fun polka dots. It matches so well with so many of the great gifts we've received so we are really happy we made the change.

Assembling the crib:

Jack, doing what he does best - supervising:

"Is this the right one, Jack?"

Almost there....

Ta-Da! Nice job Jack, er, Joel! :-)

34 week belly with crib and new bedding:
34 Weeks Belly Pic

How far along? 34 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 30-32 pounds - hasn't changed really at all lately
Maternity clothes? Um yes, although some no longer fit. That was a depressing moment, let me tell you.
Stretch marks? As previously stated, my luck has run out - I have a couple. Oh well.
Sleep: Sleep has been a little rocky lately but I think that's more because of being sick than being pregnant.
Best moment this week: Spending some time relaxing with Joel and the dogs.
Movement: Still plenty of movement going on, although it's changed as the little one is running out of space for his or her little bounce house parties. No feet in the ribcage just yet, but I have definitely noticed that the baby likes to push out on the left side of my abdomen, while pushing off of my right hip bone. Thank you for that, dear.
Food cravings: Sweets if anything. I've curbed my salty food craving because I would prefer to not be confused with the Goodyear Blimp. But I don't have the will power to avoid sweets, too!
Gender: You tell us! Be sure to vote in the poll on the top right of the blog.
Labor Signs: No labor signs still, but we are planning to pack the hospital bag and have the car seat installed soon, just in case. One of the couples from our childbirth class just had their baby last weekend and that hit home that this whole pregnancy thing is coming to an end pretty soon. Yikes!
Belly Button in or out? Oh, belly button, wherefore art thou? Has anyone seen my belly button? Even if it was 'there' I doubt I'd be able to see it anyhow.
What I miss: Remembering what it feels like to not have 30 pounds strapped to my stomach (and everywhere else). I think I've reached the point where it's hard to imagine NOT being pregnant and wondering what it feels like to be 'back to normal'.
What I am looking forward to: Hmmm.... well we are definitely looking forward to bringing home the new addition to the family. Although, when people ask if I'm ready, I am hesitant to say yes because I know - without really knowing of course, that we won't ever really be ready for the chaos that lies ahead!
Weekly Wisdom: Well, after being sick these past two weeks, I can say that a humidifier makes a huge difference in recovering!
Milestones: Thanks to all of the wonderful gift cards we have received, we were able to buy our stroller and car seat system this week. Woohoo!
Current Projects: Decorating the nursery walls, packing the hospital bags, and continuing to organize the house!

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