Tuesday, March 2, 2010

37 Weeks - "Preggasaurus"

Sorry for the delay in updating! These last few weeks have been pretty busy! I'm winding down my days at work and getting ready to transition the long term sub with my class next week. Throw some report cards and parent conferences in there and it's been a bit crazy lately.

Here are the 37 week belly pics. A friend at work said she loved my little striped shirt today so I decided it might be a good day to take a picture. However....my first thought when I saw Joel's pictures was, "Oh, look...a preggasuarus!" :-) I guess that is what happens when you are 9 months pregnant and you wear a bright green shirt with horizontal stripes!

Here are the stats:

How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I think we've tipped the scale at almost 40 pounds. BUT, when I asked how we are on growth, Dr. Olsson says "Perfect!" I like him. :-)
Maternity clothes? Yes. Barely. I admitted to Joel the other day that I'd go pant-less if I thought it might be socially acceptable. I'm definitely about to outgrow almost everything I have and I refuse to buy MORE at this point.
Stretch marks? Boo. Yes. Not many, but I have a few. Please go away.
Sleep: Thank God for the Sleep Number bed. I had it cranked up to a firmer number earlier in the week and was REALLY uncomfortable for a couple of nights. Once I adjusted it, I've been sleeping much better. I can't imagine what I'd do if I didn't have the luxury of adjusting it! (Thank you genius sales guy at Sleep Train Mattress Center for showing me the very convincing thermal imaging pamphlet about pressure points with pregnant women. I give you credit for my being a well rested mama-to-be. You're welcome for the commission.)
Best moment this week: Having a great dinner out with our friends Jayson and Rhianna last Friday. We know our 'nights out' are going to be rather limited for awhile, so we are cherishing the freedom in these final days!
Movement: All the time. We love to sit back and watch 'the show' going on with the belly! I've also finally noticed when the baby has the hiccups - I could never tell before, but now it is very clear. Poor kid!
Food cravings: Nothing specific. I like to eat, but let's be honest, I've always liked to eat, even pre-pregnancy!
Gender: Well, at the shower, I sided on Team Blue, but thanks to Auntie Brandi's wise suggestion, I also took some pictures on Team Pink so that our maybe-daughter won't feel left out. :-) Thanks Bran!
Labor Signs: I don't think so, but we're getting there. With a lot of activity, I do notice more tightening in the stomach and sometimes it only subsides when I lie down. We went for a walk last night that was probably a little bit more extensive than it needed to be - let's just say I was really glad to finally waddle back to our house and find a spot on the couch. :-(
Belly Button in or out? Flat. It's just flat.
What I miss: HA! How about not getting winded by rolling over in bed? Or perhaps being able to physically GET UP without performing Olympic level maneuvers? What do I miss.... HA!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting the little freeloader, I mean, bundle of joy! :-) We can't believe it's already March and while that does spark a bit of anxiety, we are so excited that we are going to actually MEET our baby so soon! We really can't believe it!
Weekly Wisdom: You might be 9 months pregnant when the staff meeting is held in your classroom and the whole group is wondering if your heater is broken because it's apparently freezing to everyone but you. I was toasty!
Milestones: We have a finished nursery, packed hospital bags, and we've reached our "delivery month"! Wow!
Current Projects: Preparing my class for my upcoming departure - it's hard to hand them over and walk away. I'm sure I will have plenty to occupy me soon, but for now, those are "my kids" and it's weird to think I won't really be around for them for the rest of the year. I know they'll be in great hands, but it's strange for a control-freak like myself. :-)

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