Monday, July 20, 2009

Jack Loves Lisa - & so do we!

While we were in Italy, Jack and Bridget stayed at the Animal Den in Sacramento (we highly recommend it!!!). The owner, Lisa, is a friend of ours that we met through the Aussie MeetUp group that we participate in. Lisa is the organizer of the group and we have been attending MeetUps since it began in April of 2008. We get together for monthly activities with our Aussies and love how Lisa always takes the time to make these fun plans to enjoy with our dogs. From camping to snowshoeing to hikes and general dog park visits - Lisa is always coming up with great ideas to keep our Aussies busy!

When we went to Italy, Lisa made sure that Jack and Bridget were well taken care of (read: downright spoiled!) in our absence! To thank her and sneak in a non-MeetUp visit, we had her over for dinner recently. Jack loves to cuddle so he crawled right up and claimed his spot as oversized lap dog. (We love Lisa just as much Jack, but she'd probably look at us funny if WE crawled into her lap to say thanks for all she does!)

Thanks for everything Lisa! You're the best!

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