Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Newest Aymeric Cousin

On June 27, 2009 - we celebrated the addition of the newest Aymeric cousin at Mike and Georgia's wedding in Atherton, CA.  Mike and Georgia have been dating since their days at UC Davis 7 years ago.  Mike is one of Joel's many cousins, so we have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with them at Tahoe or for other holidays over the years.  Mike & Georgia even came to stay with us when we lived in El Segundo for one of their Disneyland trips!  I am really excited to add another "Aymeric-by-marriage" cousin to the bunch and I couldn't be happier that Georgia is finally a permanent fixture in the family.  Of course, we always knew she would be, but still... :)

Allison getting ready to star as the Flower Girl...

The tallest bridal party I have ever seen....

Riley & Allison make their way up the aisle...

Mike seeing Georgia come up the aisle - always my favorite part!

Saying their vows...

Introducing....Mr. & Mrs. Walton!

Me & Joel at the wedding - about 22 hours after returning from Italy ;-) 

Arguably the cutest Aymeric cousin, Sara, with our nephew Owen, Kelly & Joe's youngest.  

Wait..these kids look like they've done this before....(not that they hardly remember!)

The Aymeric & Kleeman-Keller families all together

The beautiful centerpieces done by Georgia's brother's girlfriend - gorgeous!

Tim's Best Man speech

Ken & Owen with Grandpa Ray in the background. 

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