Monday, November 9, 2009

21 Weeks

Oops.... I guess it's been quite awhile since I have been able to update the blog! It's a busy time of the year with work so I'm a little behind with everything at home. Shocking, I know. :-) Here is a picture from last week. I will add some more soon to cover the missed weeks as well as the ultrasound pictures from Week 20!

How far along? 21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Probably about 10-12 pounds total. I really am not keeping good track.
Maternity clothes? Absolutely. I heart expandable waistlines.
Stretch marks? None yet...I'm making cocoa butter my new best friend and hoping for the best!
Sleep: Boo. I don't sleep through the night and whenever I do wake up, I'm usually quite uncomfortable. I hear that I ought to get used to it. Awesome. On weekends I can't get through a full day without a solid hour long nap.
Best moment this week: Last Thursday we had a follow up with the doctor about the 20 week ultrasound the week before. She said that everything looks normal! YEAH for being normal finally! :-)
Movement: Yes! I felt a flutter around week 18 or so that felt like my phone vibrating - until I realized the phone was across the desk from me. Now I feel little nudges and pokes throughout the day. It's pretty weird I must say.
Food cravings: I love milk. I drink at least a glass or two a day. Making quiche for breakfast has been my latest "must have". It's quick and gives me a better start than a bagel from Starbucks. :-)
Gender: It's a....... baby! We actually decided NOT to find out what the gender is. We are really looking forward to the delivery room surprise - we didn't want to miss out on that!
Labor Signs: Negative
Belly Button in or out? Hmpf... it's getting very flat. :-( I actually had a "pregnancy hormone" moment a week or so ago and cried because it looks all stretched out. Joel laughed. I cried more. He laughed more. Then I laughed, too.
What I miss: Being able to get off the couch/bed/chair/floor easily
What I am looking forward to: We started taking Bradley Method classes last week. The couples in the class seem really nice and we are looking forward to getting to know them.
Weekly Wisdom: When pregnant, sit down before trying to put on shoes! I learned this when I was unable to actually reach my foot like usual.
Milestones: We've passed the halfway point. How did that happen? I also had three different strangers comment on my expectant status on Sunday. Apparently it is officially obvious!

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