Wednesday, November 18, 2009

22 Weeks

This whole trimester has been flying by! We can't believe how quickly the 2nd Trimester is moving along. Thankfully, I've been fairly comfortable and feeling great. Joel and I are working on eating healthily and making our meals at home. Our Bradley instructor gave us some homework to pay closer attention to what we are eating. In doing so, we really noticed how much sodium is in everything - yikes! So, we've been spending more time planning and making meals ourselves. It's been great and we are enjoying the added benefit of saving some money in the process!

Here is the obligatory belly picture for the week. Enjoy! :-)

Here's the latest:
How far along? 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Again...not keeping track. I'll update at my next appointment in December!
Maternity clothes? Of course. With Parent-Teacher conferences this week, I had to scramble to find some nicer dress pants to wear. Thankfully, the Gap carries some of their maternity pants in "long" in the stores, saving me the trouble of having to order online and rush shipping!
Stretch marks? None that I have noticed still.
Sleep: Getting a little better. Once I quit trying to use all of the pillows everyone says I should be using for support, it freed up the space in the bed for me to get comfortable and actually sleep. Now if I could just get myself to GO to bed sooner.... :-(
Best moment this week: The other night, the little one was being rather active. Joel had tried to feel the baby moving around a few times but usually - any time he does, the baby stops moving! (I hope he has that kind of effect on the munchkin when he/she is OUT of the womb, too!) Anyhow, I told him to try again as we were falling asleep and the baby did not disappoint! It was really cool to be able to share that with him!
Movement: Yes! We have a gymnast/soccer player/diver/circus performer in the making. The other night I swear this kid was turning somersaults in there. These days, I feel movement throughout the day. Baby Corcoran is most active in the evenings when I'm settling down for the night. Figures. ;-)
Food cravings: Well...I did go to In-n-Out know, "for the baby". At least I tell myself that. I have however been cramming in the protein this past week - it's not easy to get 80-100mg of protein every single day!
Gender: Still no results there. I did try the "kick once if you're a boy, twice if you're a girl" suggestion, but apparently he or she was not interested in participating in my game. Oh well.
Labor Signs: Still none of those - let's keep it that way for awhile please!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!!! Flattening out...but in!
What I miss: I miss being able to lean forward and do things easily. Sometimes I go to do something and my big belly gets in the way and foils my plan. It will also be nice to sleep however I wish someday. Someday....many days away I'm sure. Like when the kids are in college, right? *sigh*
What I am looking forward to: Our friend Corie is visiting this coming weekend and I can't wait for that. I'm also really excited for the holiday season. It's my favorite time of year!
Weekly Wisdom: Take "the rules" with a grain of salt. Last week for example, I heard another "no-no" that was pretty over the top: No Cheerios!!! (Apparently, there is a concern over TSP?!) Well...since every woman I know has reacted the same way, I'm not going to worry about it. I mean really...Cheerios??? Everything in moderation....
Milestones: I am actually fitting into some of the larger sized maternity clothes I have been fortunate enough to borrow from some friends/family. Up until recently, I looked like I was wearing a tent - now things fit more comfortably.

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