Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shhhhh! Noah is napping!!!

Well I figured that was a good a title as any since that is exactly what Noah is doing right now that is giving me the chance to update the blog. I said I hoped it wouldn't take me 12 weeks to write another post, and it hasn't! It only took me 4! :-)

Things have been a bit crazy around here this summer and the month of July has literally been flying by. As many of you may know, we are moving to a new house in August. We had been looking for awhile and finally decided upon a new neighborhood in our same town. Our favorite neighbors are also moving to the same neighborhood and we couldn't be more excited! (Actually the already moved in, their house was ready last month.) The area is all new housing with great little parks, very nice new schools, and plans for much more. It's only about 15 minutes down the road from where we live now, but we are really looking forward to the new area. We do love our house now and we live in a nice neighborhood already, but this new neighborhood seems to be much more oriented towards young families which is part of why we chose to move up here in the first place.

So, I will say that trying to organize a move and having the house on the market with two dogs and a 3 month old is pretty nuts. We have been jetting off to Tahoe every chance we get to both escape the heat and get out of the way in case we have any traffic coming through to look at the house. Of course, it being July and vacation time, we aren't seeing many lookers just yet, but we're hopeful that it will pick up soon. We know it's just the market right now, but say some prayers and keep your fingers crossed for us!

Noah continues to grow like a weed! When I'm out and about, I usually get questions asking if he is 6 or even 8 months old. No, just 3. :-) He really doesn't seem huge to me but that is probably because he's our first and we don't know any different. He is definitely bigger than he used to be and I can't believe the turnover rate with his wardrobe! But, he still seems like a little baby to me so I am always a bit caught off guard when people are shocked at his true age. Although, knowing that at 2 months he was in the 95th percentile for both height and weight really should have clued me in.

According to the bathroom scale and the tried-and-true "weight holding baby minus weight without baby" trick, Noah is about 17 pounds or so. I know he's gotten taller as well since some of his footie pajamas have had to be retired because he can't straighten his legs in them. Nevermind that those footie pajamas are Carter's 6 month size. *sigh*

We've still got an amazing little sleeper at night. People don't believe us when we say he goes down by 10 and doesn't stir until 5 or 6am. To be honest, there are times we wake HIM up because Mama can't wait to feed him, not ONE MORE SECOND! We are starting to work on making sure he gets naps during the day, too, because lately, the evenings have been a little rough. I think we have an overtired little boy at that point so this morning's easy nap was quiet exciting! We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping I am learning to time his naps a little better so that when he does take them - they last!

I'm also fairly certain at this point that Noah definitely takes after me when it comes to talking. He never stops! Lately, he has been "telling stories". He makes a variety of cooing sounds over and over for minutes on end. I've read that babies like to do this because they like the way the vibrations feel when they make noise. If that is true, he must LOVE it because he does it all the time! :-) That's fine with us though. We're pretty sure it's the cutest thing we've ever heard. If this is any indicator of his future talking habits though, we may change our tunes someday!

Well, it appears that my little napper has had enough of this napping business. Please be sure to check in on Joel's photography blog to see updated pictures. I will try to add some more next time, too!

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